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About Rosemary Conley

A woman’s health is very important, but sadly is often neglected. Many diseases women face are a result of negligence - with proper care, they can be avoided easily. The reasons for the neglect can be many. With women busy managing their professional and personal life, they may not get the time for themselves.

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Yes, U.K.’s most trusted health expert is now online - Rosemary Conley is amongst the UK’s most trusted and experienced fitness and health expert since 40 years. She helps people to stay fit and healthy. She discovered the low-fat diet plan in the year 1986, and since then is been transforming people from her effective diet plan.

With the success of the book, Rosemary brought out DVDs with similar suggestions and thus reached new people. She has is now popular beyond sea and is still gaining popularity. In the year 1993, Rosemary, along with her husband, launched Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Clubs. This website has helped her to connect to various people from different corner of the world.

Top Categories to Watch

The website talks about health, fitness, and weight loss. You will find things related to health and fitness. It isn't a regular shopping site but you can join the Rosemary Conley club, and start your life in a new way. You can see three prominent categories - Rosemary, Slim Online, and Shop.

Under the Rosemary category, you will come to know everything about Rosemary Conley and her achievements. Along with this, you will read the latest news in health industry. Second category is Slim Online, wherein you will come to know how does the program works and how diet can affect your health. This is important to read as then only you will understand the process and would decide whether you would like to move ahead with the website or not.

Third category is the Shop section, where you get to shop to stay healthy - all recommended by Rosemary. These products are books, DVDs, food, fitness accessories, nutritional scales, and others. You will get varied products that Rosemary offers under this category. Apart from the prominent categories, you find 2500 recipes, real-life coach, exercise videos, and weight loss tools as other important categories. Receive more savings by checking out similar range of health & beauty products on our site.

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  1. 1 month membership for just £12.99
  2. 12 weeks membership for £34.99
  3. One year membership for £69.99
  4. Get Fit & Slim Kit @ £47.64
  5. Calorie pedometer for as low as £4.99

Rosemary Conley

Usage of Voucher Codes

It’s simple to use the voucher codes. Just choose your product, from books, DVD’s to foods.

  • Select the product from the Shop section.
  • Select Add to my Basket.
  • Click on Your Basket at the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Select if you are a resident of U.K. or not.
  • Enter your details and address.
  • Enter the voucher code and click apply.
  • Place your order.

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On the Rosemary Conley YouTube channel, its beloved customers can view commercials. Check out this video that deliver a short cardio workout without putting strain on the joints and bones by Rosemary Conley fitness consultant Mary Morris.

Support Section

Talking about weight loss is quite easy than to actually follow it. Those who want to lose weight know what difficulties they face daily. To lose weight you need dedication and determination. Those who have never exercised, find it difficult to maintain the same rhythm throughout the week. Thus, they need assistance of an expert who can help them achieve what they dream of.

At Rosemary Conley, they have a team of dedicated professionals who are always there to help you and assist you with all help required. They have coaches like Janice, Sue, and Amanda, who are well trained in the weight loss program. Then, there is Pauline, who is ready to answer your call and assist you with anything required.

Under their coffee shop, you can seek help of the members anytime you want. This is open 24/7 and provides a great opportunity to share tips and ideas with other members. You can also opt for chat room and share your idea and thoughts with people in that room.

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  • Rosemary Conley Twitter page has 2773 followers and many other are following the brands.

Contact Info

Rosemary Conley
P.O. BOX 10368
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LE13 9EP
Customer Care: 03301 330 330