TomTom Discount Codes April 2024


Use our TomTom vouchers for a wide range of products and purchase them at incredibly low prices. These TomTom discount codes expire soon, so act today and save big.

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Purchase this dark pink coloured comfort strap for only £20. Buy now and save big with TomTom vouchers.

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Buy heart rate checking monitor for £70 and measure the intensity of your workout. Using this monitor you can speed up or slow down to stay in your training zone. Order now!

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Go for multi sport cardio band from TomTom. Purchase it for a small amount of £250. Go for this offer before it goes invalid at TomTom.

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Download the new navigation app for android smartphones. This app will help you to show and guide on directions. Go for this offer at TomTom before it runs out!

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Check out The All New TomTom Go device ideal to show maps and guide for directions for your car. Buy it for less at TomTom. Check out now!

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Purchase the Fitness Tracker from TomTom with the price starting from £79. This fitness tracker not only captures your daily activities, it also measures body fat versus muscle mass.

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Buy GPS Running Watch from TomTom and store your playlists on your watch & play them wirelessly during your run.

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Elevate your outside adventure with the purchase of GPS Outdoor Watch by TomTom and track your outdoor activities such as trail-running, hiking, skiing and snowboarding.


About TomTom

TomTom are the world leading innovators and pioneers of electronic mapping and navigation devices. Their products have the most comprehensive mapping AI that can now plot alternate routes, predict and thus avoid traffic build-ups and guide you across unknown territory more effectively than ever before. The company has expanded from just cars to reach into sports and business, making TomTom one of the most important companies around on today’s market.

TomTom Logo

TomTom Devices

TomTom devices have become essential tools for many drivers and businesses, increasing efficiency and saving time at every opportunity. Driving TomTom’s can take into account the vehicle to help plan a safer route for campers and motorcyclists. Devices carried while performing sports can analyse movement to help plot future workouts and TomTom telematics optimise the efficiency of a company’s vehicles.

  1. Driving – Special models with features unique specified to cars, motorbikes, trucks and even campers.
  2. Sports – For running, Multi-sports and golfing.
  3. Business – To help cover insurance or improve efficiency of multiple vehicles at once.

The three most popular TomTom electronics products remain with the car drivers with the “GO” series being the most prominent. The “GO 40/50/60”, the “GO 500/600” and the “GO 5000/6000” remaining the top products amongst TomTom’s immense arsenal. Organise search results by product series or individual product lines. PC World and Logitech also offers such wide range of products to choose from with loads of discounts.

TomTom Store

Products and Offerings

TomTom provides you with some of the most top quality electronic mapping and navigation devices. These devices have the most comprehensive AI with which you can find out alternate routes, avoid traffic and make new road plans. Their products not only help you to save time while travelling but they also produce products that can be used for sports purpose.

Their driving products help you to avoid congested roads. TomTom’s sports products help you to analyze movements for better workout plan. Latest GPS trainer watch is available at TomTom with amazing feature, that monitores your heart rate and many more exclusive functions embedded in it. You can also get a high speed charger for only £20. If that doesn’t convince you, then try out their voucher codes with which you can save up a lot every time you make a purchase. You could end up saving up to £82 using these codes.

Best Deals

  1. GPS Sports watch for £100.
  2. TOMTOM GOLFER - £200.
  3. High-Speed Dual-Charger at £20.
  4. Win the family holiday of a lifetime by registering for competition.

Data Usage

Once you activate the TomTom device or App inside your vehicle, it will start to store your location data. This data is then analyzed, studied upon and redistributed among other users. This ensures that other users are informed whether your road pattern has too much traffic or contains free roads. Off course this information is only stored and passed on to other after taking your permission. If you agree to store your location data, then it is analyzed for further use.


Voucher Code Usage for Savings

If you have a TomTom voucher, follow these instructions to claim your discount.

  1. When you see a product you wish to purchase, click on the green “add” button with the symbol of a basket on it.
  2. This will take you straight to your shopping basket where you have the option to go “back to the shop” or “proceed to checkout”. If you wish to do the latter, make sure you enter your voucher code in the specified box available beneath the final product in your basket.
  3. Once that’s done, hit the “proceed to checkout” button.
  4. Here you will need to create an account or sign in as an existing member.
  5. If you are a new member then you will have to fill in address and personal details.
  6. Once registered, you will be taken to a review of your order where you can make sure everything is correct.
  7. Click “proceed” to continue.
  8. The next page is the payment page where you will need to enter your card details.
  9. Click “Finish and pay” to make the purchase.
  10. You will be taken to a final confirmation page.

TomTom’s official YouTube channel is filled with a mix of humour and information. Their latest set of uploads highlight the best times to use TomTom’s alternate route checker function by letting us listen in to awkward conversations to humorous effect.

TomTom Careers

If you are looking for similar kind of good career in data analysis and other related stuff then TomTom can be the place for you. They are operational in over 35 countries spread worldwide. They are currently employing something around 3600 people and are always looking to recruit new people. TomTom is a place for people who can think on their feet and come up with solutions as soon as the problem arises. If you think you fit the bill, then join TomTom and secure yourself a good career.

Customer Support

If you need to return a product bought online you can contact TomTom Customer Support for a full refund within 14 days from receipt of the product. On rare occasions TomTom has been known to refund items outside the 14 days Returns Policy if they are faulty. However, TomTom will not accept claims of damage in transit or of products not meeting their description outside that period.

There is a specific page if you need to return a product for repair.

TomTom Product

Mobile App

TomTom have licensed and effective navigation apps available on the Apple store and the Google Play Store.

Social Media Presence

Official TomTom social media platforms are not found on their main website but you can find them here by clicking the following links:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+

Delivery Policy

TomTom are offering for a limited time only free delivery on purchases made that are over £50. Also you can pick up an exclusive windshield protector, carry case and high speed dual charger with every purchase of a “GO 50 winter edition” TomTom. Finally, there is free entry to win a family holiday at a 5 star resort on the TomTom website.

Although TomTom does not delivery to everywhere in the world and there are considerably higher fees for delivery outside the EU, there are many places on the high street that sell TomTom products.

TomTom works alongside governments from several EU countries to help provide the most in depth maps in the software and in return, TomTom’s AI provides alternate routes for drivers, which in turn, prevents large traffic build-ups thus positively affecting the environment and local economy.

Contact Info

De Ruijterkade 154
1011 AC Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)20 757 5000