5 Must Have Items for a trendy Fashion Look

June 23, 2021

Following fashion trends is somewhat of a staple for many people. Even though the pandemic slowed down runways for designers and brands, 2021 brought a new renewed hope. The summers have already gone by and we were witness to a plethora of colors and trends, its already spring approaching now. Regardless of the seasonal trends you tend to follow, any trend is incomplete without a list of must have items. An investment in your wardrobe is a bet that pays off generously ever, making you prepared for anything that comes your way. In this post, we have compiled a list of the 5 basic things you should have in your closets.

1. A high waist jeans:
A high waist jeans is a staple that every woman should own. This is your go to attire for all the semi formal to casual occasions. Pair it with just about anything depending on the setting you are going to and will still come out looking like a million bucks. A high waist jean is also an appealing piece of item to have as it helps accentuate your curves. These are also making headway again on runways with designers being able to showcase their work with models wearing their new collections. Brands today are now selling multiple options that you can choose from including colors and stretch denims.
2. A black suit:
If you are envisioning a Men in Black scene with one then you are definitely doing it right. A black suit is something that will come in handy every time. Suits are however a tricky business since you have to be careful of many aspects. We are talking two things here, the blazer and the pants. If you get this combo right, you can even use the blazer separately and pair that with denims or trainers. The trousers are something that you can just get creative with any way you wish. A good to know info to always check is not going with standard sized suits. Even if you do, ensure that you have a fit and that you are hemming the sleeves and tapering the trousers.

3. Hats, Jewelry and Accessories:
Many a time, the most overlooked factor in any ensemble is the accessorizing part. Any accessories that you wear with your needs to add an overall flair to whatever you are wearing. Layered necklaces for instance can bring out the character of the dress you have on. Hats for one are the perfect mix between casual and contemporary looks. You can experiment here to your heart’s content here. Summers called for brimmed hats for them beach days while the fall are a good option for beanies. Your choices that you male in cultivating your wardrobe and accessories will more or less decide how you can wear each item and still make a statement.

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4. White shirt:
Owning a white shirt is all about radiating your look. With a plethora of ways you can wear one including keeping it open, using it with a belt or just layering that with a cardigan or sweater, or making it a go to with a blazer on top. You can simply never be wrong styling a white shirt and still making yourself versatile and a stunner everywhere you go. Pair them with jewelry, shades or a hat, you are still golden. Did you know that white shirts are divided into two major categories, button down and button up. The simple explanation lies in their collars. Button down shirts have small buttons which lie at the end of the collar flap helping fasten the shirt. The button up shirt doesn’t have that feature on its collar. Now that you know the basic difference, it will be much easier to shop for one the next time. Confused between getting the right fit for yourself? House of Fraser is now offering now to take your pick, try it on and even collect it from your nearest local store without any extra charges. You are also bound to get great deals of up to 30% and more.

5. Leather jacket:
Leather jackets don’t always have to scream badass vibes but rather a cool chic look that you just can’t ignore. Many ladies however get a simple aspect wrong about getting a leather jacket for themselves. Ensure the occasions that you want to put these on. It can’t be everywhere so you will need to particular about the same. Get one for yourself that sits properly on your shoulder and isn’t narrow or wide from any angle. Check on the zips and buttons as well because they will be more or less responsible as to how you accessorize.

So, there you have a small but comprehensive list of the 5 must have items that you ought to have in your wardrobe and stay fashion trendy.