The Popular World of Mobile Phones [Infographic]

August 21, 2015

Among all the hand held devices, mobile phones are the most popular and widely used ones with over 1900 million users globally. Mobile phone usage has been touching highs off late and this is evident from the fact that in the last 4 years, Smartphone users in UK has increased by a whopping 43%. Out of all communication methods, SMS is the most popular one and the amount of mobile messaging has increased by about 84% over a time span of 8 years.

It is surprising to know that in UK, 93% of all adults own mobile phones and 61% of these are Smartphone users. With the popularity of mobile apps, it is only obvious that mobile phone usage has increased. Apple iTunes is the most popular mobile phone app in the UK and gets about 10.69 million visitors every month. Out of about 18 European countries that were surveyed, UK has the highest percentage of people making monthly purchases of smartphones, followed by Sweden and then Germany.

Besides talking and texting, taking videos and photos is the next most engaging activity on mobile phones. Shopping through mobile phones is yet another activity which a large percentage of mobile users perform and according to a survey, 25% of UK consumers have at least once made a purchase using their mobile phones. Did you know that 97% of the time people spend on smartphones is when they are at their homes?

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The Popular World of Mobile Phones