Tips to Stay Productive While Working From Home

August 5, 2021

The pandemic situation all across the globe has led to a transition of our office spaces to our homes. While this hasn’t been easy, this is something that is now a new norm for many working professionals. Working from home is not just about getting your laptop and starting to work as usual like you did once. There are many variables to take care of and sometimes it’s the little things that prevent you from working in your full capacity... Read More

5 Must Have Items for a trendy Fashion Look

June 23, 2021

Following fashion trends is somewhat of a staple for many people. Even though the pandemic slowed down runways for designers and brands, 2021 brought a new renewed hope. The summers have already gone by and we were witness to a plethora of colors and trends, its already spring approaching now. Regardless of the seasonal trends you tend to follow, any trend is incomplete without a list of must have items. An investment in your wardrobe is a... Read More

What to Pack Checklist Before A Trip?

February 12, 2021

So, you have finally decided to pack your bags and take that trip that you have always been meaning to take. You have spent months in planning, researching and finally making a booking for the trip. Last minute packing is something that you should definitely avoid as there is always a chance that you leave out on a trip essential that you may regret later. On the other hand, packing in advance and following a preset checklist will help you... Read More

5 Things To Buy With A Credit Card

October 8, 2020

Credit cards can be both a boon as well as a bane for any person. If you know how to spend your money right and not overspend then you can more than easily maintain a healthy balance when it comes to using your credit card. Technically speaking, it is never a great idea to spend money on something that you don’t have in the first place. Buying things now will mean paying for the same later and that too with interest. But nevertheless, th... Read More
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